The classic rites of passage of the traveler

Travel: How did it go for you? Did you find yourself halfway up a mountain and come to another person? Have you met the love of your life in the lower bunk of a dormitory? Have you made a fateful decision behind a chicken bus?

Maybe your experiences are less melodramatic than these. But if you’ve spent a lot of time in a backpack or suitcase, chances are you’ve written one, or more, of a traveler’s classic rites of passage.

These events range from the trivial to the transcendent, from the unpleasant to the marvelous. But whatever the details, they qualify you for joining the tribe and have exchanged notes at the intersection – airport lounges, train stations, hotel bars – where travelers meet often.

Here are some examples that you can recognize.

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This special place

What? One But you have been to dozens of special places; In fact, there is an argument that everywhere, in its own way, there is something special. True. But this place was different. It had nothing to do with how long you were there; Maybe it was just a day or a few hours, but something about this city, this wilderness, or whatever was going on under your skin.

He also stayed there. You have accumulated countless photos of your adventures abroad and filled all the walls, shelves and social networks. But this – this particular place – is the background of your wallet or purse or purse; a wrinkled, faded image that you choose and remove as life searches for the sign of the exit.

And it’s the perfect place to return regularly to your dreams.

The captain turned on the seatbelt

If you do not avoid air travel as a means of transportation, you have probably heard this message during a flight.

Technically, there are three types of turbulence: light, medium and heavy. Slight turbulence causes a plane to move a few meters in a jet, but this is enough to reach nervous passengers who reach the barbar. Move it one level, and even the Passenger Brigade loses control of their meal trays. Heavy turbulence is so rare that few pilots experience it during their careers, let alone passengers.

But even the turbulence of this version of 10,000 feet in five seconds – you did not do that, by the way; They do not drop more than 100 feet – this does not endanger the safety of the aircraft. Unless you have levels of rationality that resemble those of Mr. Spock, but the facts will not prevent the limbic brain from gaining the upper hand over the first jolt of the wing.

The travel mistake … not that, the other

They can exist on a diet of nothing but freshly peeled fruit, rub like a surgeon after every visit to the bathroom, and refuse to touch a door handle until wiped with an antiseptic cloth. But if you have spent a lot of time traveling (especially in hot countries), you have probably already succumbed to traveler’s diarrhea.

It starts as a gurgling sound in your gut, then it becomes more disturbing, as an animal stuck in your stomach wakes up, stretches and becomes completely crazy (at the bacterial level, that’s exactly it). Drink plenty of water, light foods and see a doctor if it takes more than a few days. Yes yes You know the exercise. Otherwise, just sit down (add an “h” for a more graphic image).

Comfort yourself with this thought: in a few months, you will present to your family, your friends and all the others at your fingertips the story of how the world has broken away from you, not the other way around .

The bus ride at night

If you have the time, it is a good alternative to fly. It’s cheaper, better for the environment and more of a good story. In some places, it is also the only way to get from A to B. Bus-based rites of passage take many forms: maniacs chatting in the next seat, drivers with a death wish , cattle rumbling in the corridors …

Crossing unclear international borders can be a lot of fun. One minute you risk a herniated disc to find a comfortable position; the next, a strict official confiscates your passport without explanation. You will not see this identity document for hours. Meanwhile, you pack your bags three times for control, haul it across the border at 39 ° C, and desperately try to empty the right bus into a gigantic, dusty parking lot before leaving without you.

When this is done, the runner will drop a second display of the synchronized action strip on the screen above your seat, banning the prospect of any sleep. Sixteen hours after departure, you stumble on the bus and look like something in addition to George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.

My beautiful launderette

That seems unimportant, right? But ask a traveler who has worn the same equipment day after day for a long and tiring trip, and they will testify to the special pleasure of the fresh linen. Sometimes meals, first class seats and penthouse suites are just a few surprises compared to a stack of clothes folded by experts.

So keep your Michelin Star Taster menu, your seats flat and Egyptian cotton sheets 1000 units; to compete with some sensory experiences on the earth, tear a bag of warm or cold clothes, push your head inside and take a deep scent that is way better than the smell of your own armpit.

The nightmarish dorm mate

Imagine the scene: you have survived the night bus ride from hell, you have found a hostel at your destination and the tired tiredness of your twisted limbs gives way to a zen state while you enjoy a restorative sleep.

Unfortunately, the sociopath in the bunk has other ideas on you. Just when you made the final adjustments to your eye mask and earplug, they broke through the door, turned on all the lights, and grabbed a guitar to play the opening chords of “Knockin ‘on Heaven’s Doors ». Bob Dylan gives way to his favorite playlist, half an hour later followed by an eternity of bustle, then snoring and – the last insult – the sound of the wind.

It will look fun retrospectively. Honestly, it’s okay.

Break and do

Life is more alive when you travel. Why? Because you leave knowledge, enter the realm of uncertainty and experience the world in a state of high consciousness.

This high state can shed new light on the only familiar object still visible: the person who normally shares the couch at home. Previous random relationships can rush, as the stress of the news reveals a side you have never seen before. And before you know it, go in different directions, figuratively and literally.

But the opposite is also true: for each relationship that burned, another was born of the trip. Your personal rite of passage could be platonic, a meeting of thoughts while you and a new BBF (Best Friend Forever) share a shared experience. On the other hand, you could end up combining sleeping bags for rather less generous reasons …

If no connection corresponds to new connections

Be honest: do you spend more time a) admiring the views, b) talking to strangers or c) watching your smartphone? Technology – especially its manifestation – has become a central experience. They seek inspiration, book flights, hotels and tours with them, and rely on dozens of different ways to find their way from A to B and document the journey for posterity (okay, Instagram) .

But if something bad happens on the first day of your adventure? What happens if the smooth, shiny rectangle of metal and glass slides out of your grip and jumps once, twice, three times into the path of a steamroller? or perhaps, less dramatically, the mind simply abandons it for unknown reasons. Not just more juice. But die. Crucial. Broken.

Now, irremediably offline, your mind is stuck, your airways are shrinking and the unknown walls are beginning to close … But with the coming shock, the abrupt and unexpected disconnection of your connection to the digital world may well work. Without a smartphone that protects you, you can not escape the real world for which you have finally arrived … no?

Stay on the spot immediately and ask local people for instructions using the power of pantomime instead of Google Translate. Like new

A moment of epiphany

Epiphanies do not have to change their lives to be able to count; You can come back as the same person. Your experience will only take a second or two, but the magic lasts a long time.

What does it look like? It’s a ball of sunlight flowing below the horizon as you look from a hammock between two palm trees; It’s a sip of ice-cold beer after mountaineering, with burning lungs and aching legs. it is the uninvited generosity of a stranger who does not even speak your language; It’s the Taj Mahal at dawn, the Grand Canyon at dusk, the Tower Bridge at night. It’s the sudden knowledge that you do not have to go home. Not now Not yet Maybe never.

Whatever form it takes for the individual, this is the moment when you realize that the world is infinitely greater, richer, and more mysterious than you ever dared to hope.

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